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About Hand of Fate

Hand of Fate is made up of mature players and has been around since Vanilla WoW. We have completed all previous content in a timely fashion. We feel we are unique because we progress fairly well while only raiding 1 day a week and still have fun. HoF is a casual 10 man raiding guild.

Sunday night raid - 7:30 PM server
We are currently accepting applications for Warlords of Draenor to increase our Raid size from 10 to 25 man. We are looking to add 2-3 more healers, and a good mix of Range and Melee dps to the team. we are always looking for reliable players for backup as well. You may start out as a backup but if you show up consistently and are a good player you may find yourself with a permanent spot very quickly.

Please apply at left or speak with an officer in game for more information.

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